The UK’s largest designer and manufacturer of Machine Safety Switches

IDEM Safety Switches are not content being the largest designer and manufacturer of safety switches in the UK, we also design and manufacture the largest Stainless Steel range of machine safety switches in the world covering all industry sectors including food processing, packaging, petro-chemical and pharmaceuticals.

Some of the harshest environments for instrumentation and machinery are found here. To combat these environments the best metal to use is Stainless Steel 316. With this in mind IDEM produced the world’s first high-spec. range of mechanical and non-contact interlock switches with fully Stainless Steel 316 housings.

Housings are tested to IP69K with features that ensure high reliability and long life performance. The majority of the switches have mirror polished finishes and are aesthetically designed to reduce or eliminate food traps.

The “HYGIECODE”’ Non Contact range offers various housing shapes to provide environmental protection to 105°C with suitability for high pressure chemical wash down to IP69K. Housings have mirror polished finishes, full encapsulation using high-spec. materials then sealed with a stainless steel back plate for extra mechanical and environmental durability.

The high specification enclosures offer a wide 14mm sensing distance, high tolerance to misalignment, LED indication of switch status, “anti-tamper” coded magnetic actuation and various switching circuits to cope with modern industrial control requirements providing up to PLe Cat 4 ISO13849-1 and SIL3 EN62061.

The “HYGIEMAG” range of magnetic non-contact safety switches, the sister products to Hygiecode offer non- contact high power magnetic switching up to 2A. They provide guard door interlocking in applications found in food processing, packaging, pharmaceutical and petro-chemical industries. Housing designs, surface finish and aesthetic styling allows them to be used in almost any environment subject to high levels of cleaning following contamination from foreign particles.

IDEM’s “HYGIELOCK” range of solenoid operated guard locking switches are designed with unique patented locking mechanisms incorporating two positively guided switch contact blocks providing independent monitoring of solenoid lock and actuator position (guard closed/open).

Rugged design and mechanism provide guard holding up to 3000N. Two LED’s provide diagnostic indication of solenoid and lock status in a range of solenoid voltages (24/110/230V ac/dc).

The “HYGIECAM” range of traditional Tongue Interlock switches are fully Stainless Steel, designed with double seal gasket and give highly reliable, repeatable enclosure sealing. All housings, actuators and fittings are Stainless Steel 316. Flexible actuators are available to assist with guard alignment. They have 4 pole contact blocks and the switch head is rotatable to allow up to eight different actuator entry positions.

One of most popular switches in the IDEM catalogue is the MGL. This solenoid locking, non contact switch with RFID has been developed in order to provide and maintain a high level of functional safety whilst providing a reliable magnetic door interlock.

Flexibility for holding force is provided by the provision of 2 different switch sizes – Heavy Duty (1100N)and Medium Duty (600N).

Coding is achieved by using magnetic and RFID techniques and both principles need to be satisfied for the switch to operate safely. The MGL range will connect to the majority of popular standard safety relays to achieve up to PLe/Category 4 to ISO13849-1.

Offered in Stainless Steel 316, also high specification robust Plastic or Die-Cast Metal housings the MGL switch can be used in almost any environment including high pressure cleaning following contact with foreign particles. The Stainless Steel 316 version has been designed with a Stainless Steel magnet and IP69K rating making it suitable for CIP and SIP processes.

IDEM’s range of Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 316 Emergency Stop safety switches have been developed to provide robust emergency stop operation for machines and conveyors.

In various sizes they have additional features including double seal lid gaskets and specially designed safety trip mechanisms forcing safety contacts to open if the lid is removed and offered with a choice of 3 or 4 pole contact blocks.

Variants include button protection shrouds preventing damage to buttons and padlock holes to allow “lock off” for additional level of protection during maintenance.

Rope Pull E-Stops are available in Stainless Steel 316 featuring additional mushroom button and traditional E-Stop with optical LED indication.

IDEM’s new “Z-Range” of Intelligent Series Switches has been developed to provide and maintain a high level of functional safety. They connect to most popular standard Safety Relays and maintain PLe Safety Level even with up to 30 switches connected in series.

All Z-Range switches have easy to understand LED diagnostic functions and provide auxiliary outputs for extra diagnostic signals to PLCs or computers. Protected to IP69K the hygienic design is perfect for high pressure, high temperature washdown with detergents.

KL3—SS-Z Solenoid Locking Interlock Safety Switch featuring RFID Interlocking. The KL3-SS-Z Series switch has been designed to incorporate high anti-tamper RFID coding and provide PLe safety levels to ISO13849-1.

The RFID sensing is complemented by a traditional cam locking system which has been developed with a holding force of 3000N to keep guard doors closed until hazards have been removed.

Unique rotating head to offer both Front and End actuation. 32 million RFID codes – each switch unique – high coding to ISO14119. The fully Stainless Steel 316 enclosure has IP69K ingress protection which is maintained by a double seal lid gasket design. With a slim profile they are designed to fit on 50mm (2in) frame sections or to applications where space is restricted and the head will rotate to provide up to 8 actuator entry positions and includes front and end entry sensing. Choice of standard or flexible actuators with M12 Quick Connect version available.


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