Optical Length and Velocity Measurement for Production Processing

ProSpeedTM optical sensors measure length and speed with laser precision in a variety of applications in the converting, plastics and textiles industry including printing processes, laminating and coating systems, extrusion processes and many more.

Polytec’s Laser Surface Velocimeters (LSV) are optical speed and length sensors that surpass the performance of traditional contact based measurement methods like encoder wheels and offer a number of advantages.

Able to measure hot, cold, rough, smooth and even almost transparent surfaces allows high precision in many production areas.

Installed in thousands of locations around the world, LSVs support applications including packaging for paper, films and textiles to rolling mill products and cable and wire, with precision laser measurements.

Our latest generation sensor combines the benefits of the optical measuring principle with Polytec’s experience of more than 50 years in optical measuring techniques.

Installing ProSpeed optical sensors can significantly reduce your maintenance cost and focuses on increasing your manufacturing productivity.

Our interface concept allows for easy process integration (Ethernet, serial interface, web interface, encoder output, various fieldbus protocols) along with robust sensor technology (IP66 and IP67), and certified mechanical shock and vibration resistance.

There are many benefits of using LSV technology, including

  • Positioning flexibility with stand-off distances from 0.2 to 3 m.
  • Visible laser for easy alignment packaged in a compact sensor head.
  • Polytec’s LSVs reliably detect the surface velocity including the direction of motion and measure even the slightest movement down to standstill conditions and up to 7700m/min.
  • Multi directional speed measurements including dwell timing for coating or surface treatment applications.
  • Length measurement with control of cut to length.
  • Velocity difference measurement of roll or sheet winding or unwinding and tension control of thin films or sensitive material.

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