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Kecol Pumping Systems offers solutions to many product transfer problems – read on to find out more. Kecol Pumping Systems Ltd are manufacturers of Air driven, Positive Displacement Piston Pumps and Priming Devices in polished stainless steel or carbon steel, for transferring high viscosity non-flowable products from drums and containers as used in the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and general industries.Products in drums or similar sized vessels that normally need to be heated in order to reduce the viscosity can be transferred cold. Products with a viscosity up to 10,000 Poise can be transferred (cold) using the Kecol Maxiprime Pump and follower plate system and is also used to transfer pastes and products that stick to the inside of an open top drum, wiping the inside of the drum or vessel, eliminating product waste.

Kecol Air Powered Drum Pumps and transfer systems are suitable for all standard size closed top or open top drums and can be adapted to suit open top containers with an internal diameter up to 1200mm. Non contact parts as well as contact parts are available in polished stainless steel, clamp – type construction is also available for hygienic applications.

Typical applications in the food industry include transferring tomato puree, concentrated fruit juice, honey,
fruit pastes, biscuit creams, jams, butter, margarine, sweet mince meat, sausage meat and meat pie fillings with cooked vegetables. Applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries include transferring mascara, petroleum jelly, face creams, base creams, magnesium hydroxide, aluminium hydroxide, toothpaste, lip-gloss waxes and suntan lotions.

Applications in the chemical and general industries include the transfer of paints, resins, adhesives, polymers, latex, high viscosity grease, mastic’s and inks – all pumped cold without pre-heating the products. As manufacturers, Kecol Pumping Systems can offer solutions to your particular product transfer problem, by offering a bespoke system designed to exceed your particular production requirements for single drum/vessel use or multi drum use.

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