Davall DSG

Davall DSG, division of Davall Gears Ltd. specialise in the supply of standard power transmission product, from a 1 part to several 100 pieces. Included are spur (imperial and metric pitch), worm and wheel, helical, bevel (mitre, ratio, straight and spiral) gears and racks in both imperial and metric format, timing drives (classic, T/AT series, HTD, Powergrip GT and PolyChain), including belting and pulleys, universal joints (single, double and telescopic extending), flexible and rigid couplings, torque limiter (overload protection) and component fixing bushes.

We also have a comprehensive range of gearboxes (bevel, worm & wheel, spur and helical), which are suited to most industrial applications. We specialise in both ATEX certified and stainless steel [or special treated case] drives for food, marine, drink or laboratory environments.

All these components are suitable for applications ranging from research and development projects to machine maintenance, for model makers to large OEM manufacturers.

Tel +44 [0]1707 283131   email dsg@davall.co.uk


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