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The brewing of beer is considered an art by many; but behind this art is a science, and a serious one at that.
Today’s modern brewing industry demands the same exacting standards of safety as it requires for the quality of its beverages. 3M Gas & Flame Detection, through its innovative and flexible approach, provides solutions specific to brewing requirements.In breweries, confined spaces are among the most hazardous places. They include beer storage tanks, pumping stations, bottling areas and the carbonation process where carbon dioxide may be present

Typical brewery confined spaces
• Bright tanks, fermenters, mash/lautering
• Grain silos, sump pits, others

  1. Malting Process:
    In the Malting process, malt is washed and soaked in water (steeped) to induce germination. Once germination is complete, the malt is rinsed and dried in kilns and then separated. Prior to brewing, the malt is crushed and water is introduced, transforming the starch into malt sugar. The Lautering process then commences, separating out the draff, leaving only liquid wort.
  2. Preparing the Wort:
    Once the liquid wort is collected, it is boiled in the brewing kettle and the hops are added. The extract is then separated from the wort in the whirlpooling process
  3. Fermenting Process:
    The wort is cooled and then yeast is added in the fermentation process. The process has two main phases: main fermentation and maturing fermentation, which occurs in two separate tanks so the beer can rest and mature suitably. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a bi-product in the fermentation process; high concentrations can be hazardous, even deadly.
  4. Packaging & Distribution:
    Beer can be filled into bottles, barrels or cans for distribution. Some beers go through a filtration process prior to packaging, while others are filled in their natural, unfiltered state. Ammonia leaks in the Refrigeration of the beer product can hazardous. *Sanitization

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