London-Based Supplier Provides Electromechanical Motion Control Solutions in Food and Drink Processing and Packaging

Motion control for machinery in food and drink processing and packaging requires a high level of both precision and reliability. While this industry has historically been known to apply pneumatic actuation to provide motion control, it has seen a marked shift towards adoption of electromagnetic solutions in recent years. This is a trend that can be seen throughout the world of industrial automation.

Electromagnetics are attractive in the food and beverage industry for a number of reasons, but most boil down to control and reliability.

The amount of control required is, of course, dependent on the application itself. If timing is not especially important and simple point-to-point actuation is all that is required, a pneumatic solution may suffice. But pneumatics can be inconsistent in the way of positioning and repeatability, particularly in applications where movement and speed must be controlled in various positions. Electromechanical actuators on the other hand, are capable of repeatability down to the micron level if necessary.

Electromechanical motion is also more reliable, with a longer, more predictable life cycle. These systems require fewer components to function compared to their pneumatic counterparts, typically requiring only the actuator, a control box, a cable and a motor if necessary.

In addition to the actuator, control box and cables, the air systems in pneumatic actuators rely on other critical components, such as a compressor, valves, filters, hoses and seals to function properly. These added parts can cause major headaches upon failure, with some even requiring periodic maintenance. Typical pneumatic systems also require lubrication, relying on seals to hold off system-threatening leaks.

When deciding on implementation of either pneumatic or electromechanical actuators, a number of application-dependent factors must be considered. Geeplus engineers discuss and create solutions every day in a myriad of industries throughout the world—including several applications in the food and drink industry. If you have a question or potential application for our talented engineers to tackle, we’d love to hear from you!

At Geeplus, we design and supply a wide range of high-quality electromechanical actuators that are used throughout the food and drink industry. Offering both standard and customized motion control solutions, we invite you to check out our wide range of both linear and rotary solenoids, motors, electromagnets, VCAs and more.


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