Davall specialises in providing a complete “Transmission Service”.

Davall Gears is registered to AS9100 for design and manufacture of gear systems, and markets the Spiradrive, a high torque, low backlash, gear and gearbox system. Davall Gears is an established leader in the field of custom-made gearing. This position has been attained by successfully combining extensive knowledge of industry, with the use of modern technology. The company is able to provide design and manufacturing solutions to the many and varied power transmission and rotary motion problems posed by their clients. 

Davall DSG specialise in the supply of standard, off-the-shelf  power transmission product. These include spur (imperial and metric pitch), worm and wheel, helical, bevel (mitre, ratio, straight and spiral) gears and racks in both imperial and metric format, timing drives (classic, T/AT series, HTD, Powergrip GT and PolyChain), including belting and pulleys, universal joints (single, double and extending), flexible and rigid couplings, torque limiter (overload protection) , gearboxes (bevel, worm & wheel, spur and helical) and component fixing bushes. All these components are suitable for applications ranging from research and development projects to machine maintenance, for model makers to large OEM manufacturers.

Stagnoli srl [major supplier to Davall DSG] is one of the few companies that specialise in the design and manufacture of high volume, high precision, injection-moulded gears and transmission systems in “engineering plastics”. An in-depth knowledge of engineering plastics and extremely high standard of equipment has won this company much acclaim.

Contact  dsg@davall.co.uk       telephone +44 [0] 170 728 3131

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