Insights into food and dairy production

With almost 40 years’ experience in automation, we work closely with our customers using a toolbox of products and services, including full line design, conveyor equipment, line balancing and controls, and end-of-line solutions.

FoodTech is found in the intersection between food and technology. Together with our customers we provide applications that improve food production.

Providing components, solutions and services, we are present in over 30 countries, with partners in 60. We know of the difficult criteria faced by food manufacturers today, such as brand management, product quality and safety, which is why we offer both full-line design, as well as modular solutions.

What our customers say

The best way to demonstrate FlexLink’s knowledge and experience in FoodTech is through videos and customer cases.

Visit our website <link> to read about our work with a major Swedish cheese producer, a Polish dairy company and the installation of a stainless steel solution at a dairy processor.

Increase your OEE

FlexLink’s FoodTech offer aims to improve the efficiency of your production line and achieve a faster ROI with a smart, automated solution.

A well-balanced production flow, designed by experts with knowledge in food production, helps to ensure maximum output.

Consistent cleaning results

We can help reduce the number of re-cleans by up to 90%. Through our hygienic equipment, your line is designed with no horizontal surfaces, an effective drainage system and no cavities or hollow bodies. With easy line access for cleaning and inspection, this combination ensures less time is lost cleaning the lines.

Cut ramp-up time

Gain 2% throughput in the first year, by reducing the number of product jams, consumable refills, repairs and maintenance time. With completely modular and highly flexible solutions, our standardised components simplify the challenges with your production line design.

Our project managers make sure that the time plan is kept, coordinating the resources together with you. In addition, with FlexLink’s Design tool, we can easily design everything from a single conveyor, to complete FoodTech lines with enclosures and safety guarding.

Save floor space

Compact equipment and intelligent line design can help reduce the floor space used for a production line by between 20 and 40%. This allows not only more production capacity, but also gives better accessibility to the production floor as well as the ability to move machinery more freely.

In particular, dairy production is found suitable for elevated transportation, due to the light and compact nature of milk and yogurt cartons.

Reduce cleaning time

A simplified, hygienic conveyor line design increases ease-of-cleaning, reducing downtime and overall costs with a positive impact on bottom line. The crevice and cavity-free design eliminates most areas that are difficult to clean. As a result of this and clean-in-place (CIP), cleaning time can be reduced by up to 25%.

Key aspects of reducing time spent cleaning include;

  • Easy access to all parts of the conveyor
  • Good drainage with elimination of corners and flat surfaces
  • Smooth and separated contact surfaces
  • Cleaning devises such as chain washers and clean-in-place (CIP)

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