Summit Systems Acquires New Temperature Control Division

Summit Systems, leaders in the plastic automation sector, are delighted to announce the purchase of ‘Total Process Cooling Ltd, a specialist in chilled water and process cooling.

Summit are working very successfully with leading Italian temperature control suppliers Frigel. Summit are now expanding this division adding a wider range to suit almost any application with a bespoke solution.

TPC offer a full range of temperature control equipment and have over 25 years of experience in the cooling industry. When coupled with Frigel’s equipment and design capabilities, this boosts Summit ability in this area dramatically. An added benefit is TPC’s extensive knowledge of the plastics industry which is a solid source of expansion.

Summit’s operations director Ian Lowe states “This is a really exciting development which advances us in the “Chilled” market and will help secure our continued growth.”

Richard Smith, Total Process Cooling comments “This is an exciting move for TPC giving us a broader range of cooling solutions and even greater support and service to our customers. Our expanded product range and infrastructure combining with Summit Systems means TPC will always have the appropriate cooler for a given water cooling application whilst maintaining quality build and competitive edge over others in the market place”.

The combined portfolio keeps Summit’s nose out in front with proven incredible accuracy, energy efficiency and production savings.

Mike Jordan states “we have been patiently waiting to establish a process cooling solution with a real difference and we’re delighted that we have achieved our aim.”

To contact Summit Systems regarding their range of process cooling equipment, please email or call 01827 265800.