It has been known since ancient time that silver has antibacterial properties, for example to heal wounds and purify water. This new SILVER TREATMENT created for aluminium alloy motors, gives the motors these antibacterial properties and as such offers a valid alternative to stainless steel motors or indeed other expensive treatments. Making these motors perfect the food and pharmaceutical industries where a clean and aseptic environment is needed.

These motors also have interesting mechanical and electrical characteristics: –

Resistance to corrosive agents: bringing the motors to the same level as stainless steel but with cleaning treatment with pH ≤ 10.

Better thermal and electrical conductivity:  35% more heat dissipation that untreated aluminium and 10% more the Stainless steel

Anti-mould & germicide properties:  making these motors more suitable than stainless steel for aseptic environments

High resistance to wear:

Hard finish:

Germicide properties: against the bacteria dangerous to the human organism

Lower weight than stainless steel: because aluminium is 1/3 weight of stainless steel

Non-magnetic:  therefore, capable of resisting high voltages without producing large magnetic fields if given high voltages.

Higher motor efficiency:  the greater heat dissipation keeps the motor cooler and consequently the lower intrinsic resistance keeps the motors efficiency constant. All the motors are IE4 premium Efficiency.

Lower price:  because we avoid the high cost of stainless steel and its processing costs.

Basically, replacing stainless steel with these new motors called ANTIBACTERIAL MOTORS gives several advantages in various fields.

Safety & sterility: silvers antibacterial properties allow the motors to be used in close contact with food, preventing microbial contamination and somehow “disinfecting” the food. It is therefore very interesting to those companies that must observe international norms for the hygiene of their products. In addition, the materials used in the manufacture of these motors are nontoxic and non-absorbent, so, in any given environment, they don’t release or retain ant toxic contamination that they may have been in contact with.

Nickel Free: While stainless steel contains Nickel, ANTIBACTERIAL MOTORS don’t. It is well known that Nickel is dangerous for human organism and more people are discovered to be allergic to this substance. The silver treatment avoids this problem.

Electrical performance: The high thermal conductivity of this aluminium treated with silver, permits the motor to dissipate 10 times more heat than stainless steel. ANTIBACTERIAL MOTORS will therefore run much cooler than the equivalent power stainless steel motor. This is a multiple advantage, in fact, working at lower temperatures guarantees a longer life of the components, especially bearings. Lower temperatures result in reduced condensation which will reduce the chance of wear and corrosion of internal components, including bearing. The cooler surface temperature of the ANTIBACTERIAL MOTOR improves the working environment for the machine operative ensure they are not burned. The fact that the motor remains cool, also enables it to maintain a high electrical efficiency, while with stainless steel the motor efficiency lowers.

Mechanical dimensions: the fact that the motor runs cooler and especially, that it keeps a constant efficiency, it may allow the use of a smaller motor size than the stainless steel for some powers.

Economical advantage: dimensions may be smaller, the price of aluminium is lower than the price of stainless steel, and the expensive stainless-steel processing costs are avoided. For all these reasons the new motors with silver treatment are much cheaper than stainless steel and give the motors unique features.

Available in 2, 4 and 6 pole speeds in frame sizes M71 – M112 with IE4 efficiency.

For more information contact: – Adrian Hall, Carpanelli UK

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