Admix Europe ApS

Admix is a recognized leader across the food and beverage industry for providing innovative and high-quality mixing equipment solutions that set the standard for high performance and high efficiency sanitary processing.  The Admix mission is to resolve its customers’ most challenging mixing issues and improve their production capabilities with more effective mixing, reduced horsepower, and optimized capital costs.

Built to the highest quality standards, the Admix product portfolio includes sanitary high shear mixers, high shear emulsifiers, inline emulsifiers and wet mills, sanitary static mixers and blenders, low speed stainless batch mixers, and vacuum conveying and powder delivery mix stations.  Whether your process is in-tank batch mixing, bottom mount dispersing and emulsifying, inline mixing and milling, or powder induction and conveying, Admix has the expertise and applications experience that have helped thousands of processors achieve dramatic efficiency and product improvement results.

Rotosolver® High Shear Mixer – Admix’s flagship product, the patented Rotosolver, is a sanitary batch mixer that promotes intense high shear mixing for superior wetting out of powders.  The Rotosolver is easy to clean, meeting the industry’s toughest hygienic requirements.  Its head design provides high overall shear and flow rates and superior dispersion capability…see

DynaShear® Inline Mixer – The DynaShear is a high speed, high shear mixer and emulsifier for continuous processing. Its unique dual stage axial and radial heads provide optimal throughput and flow.

Fastfeed® – The Fastfeed is a skid mounted powder induction and dispersion system that eliminates agglomerates and disperses powders at rates up to 204 kg /450 pounds per minute in a single pass.

Boston Shearmill® – The Boston Shearmill is a high intensity wet mill / homogenizer that generates droplet and particle size reduction down to 1-2 microns while withstanding uneven flow patterns, bumps, jolts, and pressure fluctuations.

These solutions and many more are available. With locations in Denmark and the USA, Admix is supported by a worldwide network of representatives. Contact Admix to discuss a customized solution, an equipment trial, or to test your ingredients in their lab and pilot plant.

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