Keeping food production on the go: How one surface coatings company reduced maintenance cost by 75% and turnaround time by 90% for snack food manufacturer

Food manufacturing is a continuous, fast-paced production environment where quality and product safety are paramount. In their latest case study, Surface Technology outline how they greatly reduced maintenance cost by 75% and turnaround time by 90% for one multi-national snack food manufacturer.

With chutes, rollers, hoppers, knives and countless other machinery all playing an integral role in the manufacturing process, there’s a lot of equipment involved in the production of the average food product.

To ensure safe, efficient, high quality production of food it is essential to use the optimum coating system.

From new pre-installed equipment, to used equipment that’s needing maintenance as part of a scheduled plan, Surface Technology has a rich depth of experience in working with food manufacturers and the equipment manufacturers who supply them.

In their most recent case study, Surface Technology maintain a multi-national snack foods manufacturer’s machinery, resulting in a significant cost and turnaround time reduction.

With no specification to go on, Surface Technology’s technical team were tasked with identifying the optimum coating for the snack foods manufacturer’s serrated rollers – machinery which applied the ridges to their popular crinkle cut crisps product.

A solution that was FDA approved as food safe, offering excellent surface wear protection from the abrasive product, and high non-stick properties for the sticky potato was essential.

Identifying a highly effective double reinforced system with high release and wear characteristics, Surface Technology re-coated the rollers back to offer the same performance as new rollers.

Not only did the surface coating greatly improve the performance of the rollers, the service also led to a 75% reduction in maintenance cost and 90% reduction in turnaround time for the manufacturer.

Visit Surface Technology’s food manufacturing equipment coating services web page to discover their full range of food safe coating services and read their serrated rollers case study in full.