Eland Cables has launched Veriflex®, its own brand of control and BUS cables for industrial applications. BSI Kitemark approved and available for next day delivery – why compromise?

The Veriflex® brand includes a full range of control and BUS cables for industrial automation applications including PUR cables specifically for the food and drink processing environment. Next day delivery is standard, order before 5pm and take delivery the next day. All with verified quality and compliance through stringent BSI Kitemark testing.

Control cable applications are in a range of industrial installations and face a battery of chemicals, oils and greases as part of their everyday operation. For automation and process control applications in installation environments that are required to maintain strict hygiene regimes such as food and bottling plants, polyurethane (abbreviated as PUR), is used.  Being robust and resistant to tears and rips.  The Veriflex® range includes PUR cables offering peace of mind when operating in these environments.

A new benchmark in cable compliance

“As the first company to achieve the BSI Cable Batch Verification Kitemark, Eland Cables sets a new benchmark in cable compliance.  The rigorous and extensive testing programme they undertake tests the cables to British and international standards for key safety criteria.  By certifying their cables against the scheme, Eland Cables can demonstrate that its cables meet the highest standards.”

Paul Turner, BSI Certification Technical Expert

Not sure of your needs?  Our technical experts can provide support as to the properties, dimensional measurements, and overall suitability for your specific installation. For more information get in touch.

For more information:

Web      www.elandcables.com/veriflex

tel           020 7241 8787

email     sales@elandcables.com

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