Enhance Your Manufacturing Capabilities with Our IP Sealed PCs; An Essential for Manufacturers In The Food and Beveridge Industry

In 2016/17, the Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland were notified of and investigated 2,265 foods, feed and environmental contamination incidents in the UK.

Ensuring suitable IT equipment is used is one of the ways that workers within the food and beverage industry can help the fight against contaminated food. 

Industrial plants – whether processing and packaging raw meat or washing fruit and vegetables – will be wet, temperature-controlled, continuous production environments where industrial computers can be expected to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Add to this the fact that equipment in many food applications need to be washed-down with high-pressure washers to prevent the build-up of organic matter on surfaces.

It is clear that in the majority of cases, commercial grade computers are not up to the task. Within our product portfolio Distec have a range of award winning IP sealed computers from leading manufacturers around the world.

Working in the food industry for over 20 years, Distec have built up a reputation of having the knowledge to help advise those in the industry to consider the long-term factors that the operating environment might have on the equipment specified, and to consider how the environment and application might change over time, to ensure a future-proofed solution.

“All of our products at Distec are carefully selected for their quality,” explained Noel Sheppard, a director at Distec. “This range features a high ingress protection (IP) rating, a mark of its quality. The enclosure itself can be sealed up to IP69K, meaning it is totally protected against dust and protected against strong jets of water. The power adapter and external I/O cables are IP67 rated against the effects of temporary immersion in up to one metre of water for up to thirty minutes.

“These high levels of ingress protection would not be usually required in a factory where there may be low levels of contamination from touch or accidental spray. However, if there was to be a high-pressure leak or a high level of contamination, then the industrial PCs would be protected and could simply be cleaned off. This gives the customer peace of mind that they can use industrial PCs in any environment without risking damage.”

Unlike many catalogue services, Distec wants its customers to be completely satisfied before ordering any products. For anyone interested in a fully enclosed industrial PCs, Distec can provide demonstrations and loans to help customers make a decision.

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