Save time and money cleaning between batches

Simplify your cleaning process, between batches, in a quick and safe way with the Hapman Hi/Lo Helix® Flexible Screw Conveyor.

The Helix is a straightforward, low cost conveyor, used in just about every industry. With only a couple parts that need to be disassembled for cleaning, you save a lot on time and lost production, which are both very costly and add up quickly with other conveyors.

A worldwide leader in snack food production utilizes the Hapman Hi/Lo to be able to quickly clean their conveyors in between their seasoning batches and be back in the next production run in a short amount of time.

In under 5 minutes, and without climbing a ladder, a single worker can remove the auger and thoroughly washdown the conveyor, reassemble, and have available to put back into service.

By pushing a switch, the electric actuator lowers the conveyor drive for access from floor level, thereby allowing the auger to be disconnected and removed. Upon reassembly, the actuator switch is pressed once more, and the conveyor raises back into the operating position.

The Hapman Helix can convey up to .7 m³ / minute and comes with Hapman’s exclusive Performance Guarantee.

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