Potential savings wait for your initiative !

Save costs with more performance and profit – no pipe-dream,  and easy to realise.

Some examples already achieved :

  • Compressed air and process gas losses up to >95%
  • Compressed air production 22%
  • Mechanical wear – up to 88% (certified)
  • Lighting 50% (Production) – 80% (Warehouse)
  • Lubricants – annual material cost – 20% – 80%
  • Lubrication work and waste disposal >50%
  • Cyclically running electric motors 10% -30%
  • Frictional losses 3% -14%
  • Fuel costs – trucks 4% – 7%
  • Oil costs – trucks 50% – 70%
  • Search and diagnosis time 80% – >90%
  • Repairing oil leaks 80% – >95%
  • Vibration analysis 50% – 85%
  • A/C and cold-unit efficiency 10 – 18%

When are you going to start ?

What wasn’t saved today is gone for ever !



Saving with more performance.

Our product programme has delivered this for over 20 years, and has been recognised to optimise wear, energy use, fault detection and oil system leak repair, and significantly help the environment. The  endless list of the areas for which it can be relevant would itself fill this page, so intelligent thinking is to be advised.  The technologies are:

  1. Friction reduction, which reduces energy consumption and wear, uniquely with the world’s lowest coefficient of friction, 0.02. The next best is 0.04, with certified wear reduction 43%, while we have up to 88% certified for SX-6000 by the same standard test of the oil industry. Food and drink has to be transported, and fuel and oil savings in treated vehicles give an ROI of at least 700% on the treatment costs for any vehicle, with also an internationally recognised benefit for the environment, emissions being reduced by at least 15%. The savings are so good that the suppliers who would suffer from them oppose our products actively, with lies and bribery. Get these in writing, and come to court with us. SX-6000 is also available as greases, one with H1 approval for use in food machines.
  2. Electric power reduction for motors. There are very few motors which use their full capacity, but they also magnetise for the gap to the top. But, as their work-load varies, with the Powerboss they only get supplied with the electricity which is needed every 88th of a second to keep the speed constant. This applies to every motor, and they are programmable for soft-start and soft-stop, which also reduces costs, as the shock-load without this causes significant damage, and so drop-outs and costs. Fit the Powerboss to an air compressor and at least 16% is always saved ( and add SX-6000 to bring the saving to over 20%, with life extension.) As the load on a conveyor-belt varies, power is saved, and should it jam, or break, the motor can be programmed to stop. Also if a pump runs dry. Vacuum pumps too will use far too much power without the Powerboss. Beware of the claims being made for saving with a frequency adapter, as these are false or exaggerated, being only needed if the work demands speed change. With such there are no soft starts and stops, which, if purchased separately, in fact cost nearly as much as a Powerboss for the same motor.
  3. Fault-finding with the Ultrasonic SPY is by far the most efficient way in the world – and out of it too. There are 3 working for years in the ISS, after ISIS found that they are three times as sensitive as the next-best ultrasonic fault finder. Find a fault just as it stats do develop, and so , as what is heard is understandable, immediate action can eliminate the fall-out and loss of production time, rather than to programme a repair 3 months later. Professional leak-searchers all tell of finding much faster, and 50% more leaks. The saved costs of compressed air normally save the cost of the SPY in months, not years, and if the leak is of explosive gas, saving explosions is not a bad idea.
  4. Leaks in oil systems often come simply with, over time, the loss of the plasticiser in the oil-seal. LecWec, added to the oil, replaces these, swells the seal up again, and as long as the oil to which it is added remains in the machine, the seal stays dry. No strip-down and loss of production time. Also with vehicles, where for instance power steering units tend to leak when 6 – 8 years old, and are built so that no workshop can change the seal. A replacement unit can cost well over $1000, where the LecWec costs about $14. Just tip it in, and drive on.
  5. Intelligent lighting, now with LED, can save its cost when replacing even intelligent fluorescent lighting well within a year, programmed to hold the light level at what is for the working area required. Lights can either be programmed individually or formed into groups, and then easil re-grouped as the use of a hall is revised. Users report that they hardly notice when the sun goes behind a cloud as the lighting level is accurately maintained. And if all are off to lunch, all can be switched off until they return, without any human intervention.

Details are to be found at www.chambers-gmbh.de, and questions sent to chambers@qmi.de.

Friction is wear on profit

The life duration of vehicles – and also machines – is tightly related to the owner’s profit.
ln Riga, Lettland, 2 Mercedes Sprinter delivery vans running long internationaljourneys and both registered when new on the same day, were both running around 160,000 km per year with the same fuel and oil consumption. ln November 2009 both, already in service for 1-8 months, were chosen for a long-term test.
Sprinter “A” was given no SX-6000 treatment. But Sprinter “B” was, engine and gear-box.
18 months later, 1 March 2011, the condition of the engine of Sprinter “A” was checked with the “Ultrasonic SPY” (UL 101), which is by far the most sensitive ultrasonic device in the world, at kilometer reading 388.378 from new.