Mobile O2/CO2 headspace gas analyser for food packagings

OXYBABY® by WITT is a handy helper for testing modified atmosphere packagings (MAP). Measuring results in six seconds, from just a 2ml gas sample, display of the O2 value in 0.01% increments, durable oxygen sensor – these values make the OXYBABY® one of the most powerful sample gas analysers available on the market.

Just 2 ml sample gas required – perfect also for small packings

It is the ideal tool for mobile, fast and accurate samples. The small headspace gas analyser features ergonomic design, short sample times, minimal sample gas requirements and is easy to use. Due to the minimum sample gas requirement the OXYBABY® allows the smallest of modified atmosphere packagings to be tested.

Market leading headspace gas analyser offers highest quality

The OXYBABY® is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. This market leading analyser also has a unique feature to avoid wrong measurements – permanent flow control with automatic alarm in case of a needle or filter blockade.

The cordless device allows the administration of up to 25 users and the classification of results for up to 100 product names and 50 packaging lines. The large data storage logs the last 500 results and allows long export intervals.

Full documentation

The USB port or the optional Bluetooth interface of the OXYBABY provides a fast and easy data communication for data transfer or for the connection of a separate printer. More options are available e.g. barcode reader, documentation software, can piercer for measurements of bottles or cans.

Together with the WITT OBCC software all results can be documented providing complete traceability (HACCP).

The headpace gas analyser OXYBYBY® by WITT for residual oxgen and CO2 is a cost effective alternative to tabletop analysers for checking modified atmosphere packaging. It is available as basic version M+ or as premium version 6.0.