High airflow AC & DC Motorized Impellers Designed for Demanding Environments

Orion Fans has expanded its AC motorized impeller product offering with 14 new IP55-rated models and has added a new line of 24V and 48V DC motorized impellers with 13 models.  All AC motorized impellers are IP55-rated, provide high airflow for a wide range of harsh and demanding applications and ship standard with the required capacitor. The DC motorized impellers deliver a low power solution and include a PWM and Tachometer function as standard features. Optional metal duct rings are also available for both AC and DC models. The motorized impeller model sizes are available from 133mm to 400mm.

Why Motorized Impellers?

Backward curved motorized impellers maximize air movement and heat dissipation

By providing exceptional airflow and pressure performance in a smaller footprint compared to centrifugal blowers. The backward curved blades provide efficient air movement without costly scroll housings. The dynamically balanced motor and impeller offer low noise characteristics and ensure a long, maintenance-free operational life. AC motorized impellers require a capacitor for operation. Most manufacturers sell the capacitor separately, however Orion Fans includes the external capacitor with each of their models. The space-saving motorized impellers that come with the required capacitor are easy to integrate into a system offering design flexibility and versatility.

The motorized impellers feature backward curved plastic or all-metal blades, sealed dual ball bearings, and rugged die-cast aluminum frame. They provide long-life, low-maintenance operation and offer superior maximum static pressure values for restrictive environments such as electronic cabinets, enclosures and ventilation systems.

Motorized impellers move a significant amount of air for their small size and can be applied to a number of high static pressure environments for a low-maintenance, cost-effective cooling solution.

Orion Fans’ AC motorized impeller family

Orion Fans’ DC motorized impeller family

David Luna – VP of Marketing, Orion Fans


AC Motorized Impeller with Required Capacitor

DC Motorized Impeller with PWM and Tachometer
functions as standard features