Shield” X-ray systems


Our latest range of “Shield” X-ray systems for the food and beverage industry is being very well received by our customers. We supply systems designed specifically for high speed Glass in Glass and metal can inspection, we also offer conventional top down systems for packaged food as well as pipeline and bulk product inspection. The Shield system is Reliable / Robust / Easy to use / Retail compliant with a low lifetime cost and 2 year warranty included. Excellent and reliable detection levels of glass in glass are achievable via our Trio beam system. Our Solo system will inspect cans at 2000 per minute and will detect defect cans, low fill, as well as contaminants such as metal, glass, stone and bone. The Shield family of X-ray systems are available for purchase, lease or long-term hire.

Peco-Inspx are a long-standing X-ray business and have a global presence in the food and beverage sectors. We work with some of the largest food and beverage companies across all continents. Excellence in service is at our core and provides us with consistent repeat business from very happy customers. Feel free in contacting us for professional and friendly advise.

Tony Bryant

UK & EU Director

+44 7717 397878