A gas analyser with integrated leak + burst

EMCO is launching the TPC,  a Total Packaging Control system that not only analyses the  O2 and CO2 MAP gases at the point they are pumped into packaging but also incorporates leak and burst tests for the packaging – thus offering complete control over the packaging process through a fast, single, sequential test.

Measuring O2 and CO2 allows the equipment to calculate the amount of nitrogen (which makes up the balance) in the pack.

The system incorporates four highly accurate and independent sensor systems – an electrochemical oxygen sensor option, a NDIR sensor for carbon dioxide, along with a mass flow and pressure sensors to measure leaks and bursts.

The system is particularly simple to operate through a large, clear and bright 8 inch LCD touchscreen.  It also offers full traceability of the operator, product line, product, batch, date, time etc. which is accessed via a standard USB port for external backup, and a bar code reader or printer.

As with other EMCO MAP and preservation related engineering products, the TPC is built to an exceptionally high and rugged standard and should give many years of trouble-free and down-time-free service.  It also meets all appropriate British, European and other formal standards.

EMCO also supplies a wide range of instrumentation including gas analysers, a gas logger, leak detectors, burst testers, air purification systems, active packaging systems as well as ozone emitters, absorbers and sanitation systems plus ranges of accessories and consumables.