In today’s world, where electronic communication makes business with all corners of the world instantaneous, every organisation, which is serious in its intent to play on the world stage, must have its own website to be effective. And how much more effective can that website be if it appears in a multi-lingual version at the touch of a button.

Many companies in the materials handling sector will quite rightly not think twice about taking part in Achema in Frankfurt, or Interpack in Düsseldorf, or in any of the other major international exhibitions which take place around the world, but check the websites of these same companies and very few will offer their wares in a language other than English. Considering the comparative costs of an exhibition in Milan with all the attendant expense of hotels and shipping exhibits, as opposed to a web page or two in Italian which will be visible and accessible for a far longer period, and questions begin to pop up, like irritating adverts on a computer screen.

A new, young company based in the heart of the North Staffordshire countryside, Robin Engineering Services, is now offering itself as the answer to these questions. Staffed by personnel with many years of experience in the field of materials handling in the UK and overseas, Robin offers a website translation service covering captions and texts in all major European languages, as well as Japanese and Arabic.

According to a company spokesperson, “We have within our ranks individuals who have spent a lot of time dealing with pneumatic and mechanical conveying, others who have knowledge of crushing, screening and blending technology and others who have forgotten more about the application of vibration technology than most people ever learn. Couple this experience with our in-house linguistic talents and our network of contacts overseas and we are well equipped to offer a first class service!”

To illustrate how dramatic the results of a multi-lingual website can be, the spokesperson quotes the example of a project recently completed. “We put the captions on our client’s site into German, French and Spanish and within weeks he was selling his equipment, safety visors, protective goggles and suchlike, to places as far apart as Bulgaria, where German is more widely understood than English and Bolivia, without having to move out of his office in the UK”.

Although such spectacular results cannot be guaranteed every time with every site, one thing is certain and that is, if the customer in Greece or Greenland cannot access and understand a website without difficulty, he will browse until he finds one which he can. If it is not yours, then that potential business is lost. A website translated by Robin might just be able to help avoid that loss.

For further information contact:

Judith Pegg

Robin Engineering Services Ltd., Unit 12, 203 Grindley Lane,

Blythe Bridge, Staffordshire ST11 9JS

Tel: 0044(0)1782 392989