How to reduce injuries on sharp edges and blunt impacts

Contact with sharp edges is routine in many engineering and construction jobs. Personnel injuries such as; severe cuts and blunt impacts are common:

  1. for employees working offshore or onboard seagoing vessels;
  2. for maintenance personnel involved in the heavy duty industries;
  3. for people involved in handling sheet or strip metal;
  4. while working at presses, where metal with sharp edges are handled frequently;
  5. while working with scrap metal;
  6. for operators of machinery, cutters or tools fitters.

“Exposure to sharp steel edges and strapping should be eliminated or minimized so far as is reasonably practicable.” Australian Steel Group Industry 2010

CableSafe Sharp Edges Corner Protect is a prevention tool that is easily applied and removed. High quality magnets (245 Newton) or screws ensure the corner protect will stay in place while protecting employees and contractors.


  • prevent injuries by clear markings;
  • reusable and durable;
  • applicable to steel (magnet) and wood (screws)
  • suitable for temporary and permanent protection

Although the impact may still be there, the consequences are very different. For more information: