Breezair evaporative coolers: the best solution to cool food production areas

Most industries with high heat loads, such as bakeries, packaging facilities or plants where ovens are involved, can become real furnaces during summertime, because of rising temperatures. Moreover, most of them have no cooling system installed, and this impacts on the workers’ morale and productivity, as well as on their health. In fact, almost 70% of UK workers believe poor indoor air quality has a negative effect on their health, according to a YouGov survey, commissioned by the Building Services Association (BESA).

The reason behind this choice is that most of these areas are really big to cool and therefore a traditional air conditioning system would be too expensive to install and maintain. Moreover, in cases where businesses have traditional cooling systems installed, they rely on recirculating the air in the indoor space, and that stale air can be full of fumes and germs. Crucially, premises such as warehouses or big storage rooms, especially when dealing with food or drinks, have specific temperature requirements.

Now Production Managers, Entrepreneurs are no longer counting the costs of keeping cool, after installing an evaporative cooling system that allows to keep productivity on track in the face of sweltering temperatures. Evaporative cooling is fast becoming the most efficient option when cooling large areas: using only water and electricity to run, with no chemical refrigerants involved, a system like this saves you money on running costs.

Breezair is the best example of evaporative cooling in the market. Available in different ranges to meet customers’ needs and 100% manufactured in Australia, Breezair is famous worldwide for the unbeatable quality of the components and the performance of the product itself.

Often commercial or industrial buildings have small spaces that are hot and uncomfortable to work in. These hot spots can be caused by heat from machines, manufacturing processes or trapped hot air behind large glass windows. Frequently these spaces are not just hotter than the surrounding interior areas of the building, but hotter than the external conditions too. A better, more intelligent solution, is to use Breezair Evaporative Cooling to blanket the hot spot with a flow of cool, high velocity, fresh air, designed to impact your workers whenever they are in that hot location: this is called “Spot Cooling”.

Seeley International is Australia’s largest air conditioning and ducted gas heating manufacturer and a global leader in developing ingenious, energy efficient cooling and heating products. Headquartered in Adelaide and with factories in Adelaide (South Australia) and Albury (New South Wales), the company was founded by Frank Seeley, AM FAICD who remains Chairman.

Seeley International has been manufacturing air conditioners since 1972 and, unlike many of its competitors, designs and manufactures most of the components for its products within Australia. Seeley International is world leader in Evaporative Cooling solutions: with offices all over the globe (Italy, France, United Kingdom, USA, South Africa and of course Australia), the company ensures a strong level of commitment to the local markets and an everyday support to dealers and distributors. Renowned for ingenuity and innovation, Seeley International leads the market in the design and manufacture of air conditioning systems based on Evaporative Cooling technology, with award winning brand names including Breezair, Coolair, Climate Wizard and Coolerado. For more information or visit the website

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