The only floor coating for Line Marking at the speed of light!

Accidents happen. We have all seen the headlines, companies get fined and too often investigations highlight inadequate segregation of pedestrians and vehicles as a contributory factor.

At Solidlux we appreciate how difficult it can be to renew or re-site line markings and signage in busy, live environments. Now we can help you avoid the headlines…

Some places never get a rest. In areas where activity continues 24/7 installing floor markings is a challenge. After years of research, a ground-breaking innovation has now arrived: a rapid action floor coating that is fully cured and 100% load resistant, immediately after installation.
SolidLux Instant Coatings give minimum disturbance and maximum time efficiency.


• Minimum disruption and impact on turnover
• Suitable for use even in cold stores & freezing cells
• For Internal & External use
• Instant resistance to mechanical & chemical pressures
• Anti-slip finish available (36+ptv)
• Easy to clean



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