Fortress Technology – Stepping up the fight against food contamination

Sarah Ketchin, Managing Director at Fortress Technology tackles the equipment options in the most widespread food and packaging application scenarios, cuts through the confusion on the pros and pitfalls of metal detectors versus x-ray, and highlights the importance of arming yourself with all of the facts to make an informed decision based upon the most prevalent contaminant risks

In some applications, it’s obvious which type of inspection technology to opt for, since only one of them can reliably detect the contaminants that pose the risk you’re trying to mitigate. However, it’s not always that straightforward. The two technologies will often succeed or fail depending on two different sets of criteria. Success with metal detectors tends to depend on the materials involved (the product, the packaging and the contamination), while x-ray detectors are more likely to be affected by other parameters such as the shape of product and the mode of transport through the unit, in addition to density differentials.

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