MCS Corporate Strategies Ltd

MCS Corporate Strategies Ltd is a very specialist company working in Research and Development Tax Credits, Land Remediation Tax Relief and Patent Box claims. Support for these activities is growing rapidly as Government policy actively encourages companies to take up claims.

Welcome to Siltech

Process monitoring using colour change,

Siltech’s products for the  Food & Drink Sector

Zimmer Group : Automation Specialists

Zimmer Group Ltd was established in 1980 in Rheinau-Freistett by brothers, Martin and Günther Zimmer. With the company’s HQ based in Germany, Zimmer Group  specialise in the manufacturing of automation products. Their industry sector is quite expansive, as they provide services in automation, placing them in a bigger spectrum.  Zimmer Group Ltd offers bespoke and dedicated application engineering solutions; they merged and consolidated their company in 2013. This has benefitted the company greatly, as they now have one common ground and are now able to gain further access to products for clients and customers. The company’s customers range from those at BMW, Tesla, AMRC and many others.

Brain Food-J-Flex Metal Detectable Products ensure safety

They often call fish brain food – why? Apparently there are one or more nutrients (omega-3 fats etc.) in fish which are food for the brain, brain development and cognitive function. So safety in the processing of fish is absolutely paramount.

Award-winning Chatwins Bakery transforms operation using Print & Apply innovation

The practice of hand-labelling all items was limiting operational throughput and growth as well as compromising the quality of labelling. Chatwins Bakery were considering setting up label templates for all their products, however, operating hundreds of SKU’s would be expensive, inefficient and logistically challenging.

The Manchester Rubber Stamp Co Ltd

We have the full array of Engraving machinery, including Manual Pantograph Engravers, CNC Engravers and Laser Engraving Machines.

Quantum Controls wins prestigious ‘UK Drive Rental Company of the Year’ Award 2018

“We are delighted to win this prestigious award, working with market leading products makes our work much easier.” says Mark Hodgkinson UK Drive Rental Fleet Manager. Since launching the Rental Department back in 2015, it has been a steady increase for the department. During 2016 we saw our business double in size as we have increased our portfolio of products and really targeted the market.  

Self-Cleaning Filters – Cut Costs and Improve Filtration

Croft Filters Ltd are a leading UK manufacturer of over 32 years who specialises in manufacturing customised filtration solutions and supplying Self-Cleaning filters. The Company supplies a range of market sectors that including the Food and Beverage Industries.

Food-safe lubricants: Avoiding recalls

This month, some of Britain’s biggest supermarkets removed dozens of frozen items from their shelves due to a deadly outbreak of listeria, costing the market thousands in recalls. But it’s not just bacteria that poses a risk. Here, Chris Johnson, managing director of food grade bearing supplier SMB Bearings explains the importance of food safe lubricants in food processing equipment. 

Inglewood Engineering Consultancy

Inglewood Engineering Consultancy has extensive experience of providing DSEAR/ATEX hazardous area compliance services for food processing and packaging companies throughout the UK. We have been operating as a specialist engineering consultancy for over 35 years and we are the preferred supplier for a number of UK Notified Bodies and UK Insurance Companies.