Food and drink production costs.

World-wide food and drink producers seem to avoid accepting technologies which would reduce their costs, thinking that they are already doing the best.However, for over 20 years Richard Chambers GmbH has been offering technologies which optimise the costs of energy and wear on the production equipment, without endangering the quality of production and distribution.

Stocking up on specialist bearings

~ Bearing supplier introduces marine grade 316 stainless steel bearings ~

Specialist supplier of miniature bearings, SMB Bearings, has introduced a new range of 316 grade stainless steel ball bearings to its catalogue. The 316 bearing variety has been specially selected for customers with applications operating in harsh environments, which the bearings can withstand thanks to their marine grade stainless steel construction. The bearings will find a home in food processing, chemical manufacture and pharmaceutical production as well as marine and other liquid process applications. 

Eland Cables has launched Veriflex®, its own brand of control and BUS cables for industrial applications. BSI Kitemark approved and available for next day delivery – why compromise?

The Veriflex® brand includes a full range of control and BUS cables for industrial automation applications including PUR cables specifically for the food and drink processing environment. Next day delivery is standard, order before 5pm and take delivery the next day. All with verified quality and compliance through stringent BSI Kitemark testing.


HUTHWAITE, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, UK – Welcome Food Ingredients Ltd required a more efficient system to re-bag granular sugar used to manufacture their sauces, pastes, dressings and dips for food industry customers.

Pricing Stickers

We have been producing self-adhesive labels for many areas of industry for over 30 years,
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LasX Ripping Engine Revolutionises Digital Print With On-The-Fly Laser Processing

The LasX Ripping Engine is the brain behind the digitalisation and collation of all aspects of carton and label manufacturing processes. The technology makes it possible for the Laser to change between different products on the fly and perform the processes needed such as cutting, scoring or etching as required for each individual item. The Ripping Engine is designed to work equally well with either sheet fed or roll fed digital printing.

Food & Drink Processing & Packaging Publication

Available in packs of 10 with prices starting at just £12.50 a logger, Lascar’s EL-CC sensors provide users with extremely low cost loggers for all stages of the Cold Chain process.   All loggers are pre-programmed with set sample rates and alarms for monitoring Chilled Goods, Frozen Goods and Ripening Goods, simply press an on-board button to start logging and put the logger in place.

Food & Drink Manufacturing: The hidden cost of equipment maintenance.

Due to the uncompromising hygiene standards throughout the food manufacturing industry, food processing equipment must be able to withstand water washdowns, high temperatures and areas highly susceptible to oil contamination by product ingress. With the increasing demand to meet production requirements, the costs associated with equipment failures are often overlooked, however in the event of catastrophic failure loss of a processing machine is not costly in terms of repair or replacement but can also lead to potential loss of production and product.

John R Boone Iincreases productivity and Capacity for Ringtons Tea

J.R. Boone Mixers have supplied a new production line, featuring a J.R. Boone Rotary Drum Blender, to UK-based prestige tea and coffee manufacturer Ringtons, allowing them to make substantial improvements to the efficiency and capacity of their black scented tea production process. The turnkey project included pressurised flavour spray addition, a big bag/tote bin discharge station, HMI and an automatic system for cleaning the blender between batches. The entire system was designed for Hazardous Area use..

Enhance Your Manufacturing Capabilities with Our IP Sealed PCs; An Essential for Manufacturers In The Food and Beveridge Industry

In 2016/17, the Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland were notified of and investigated 2,265 foods, feed and environmental contamination incidents in the UK.

Ensuring suitable IT equipment is used is one of the ways that workers within the food and beverage industry can help the fight against contaminated food.