Amazon Filters and Britvic Strengthen Working Partnership

Amazon Filters has received a supply chain contract renewal from leading soft drinks company – Britvic.

Having partnered with Amazon Filters for nearly a decade, trust in the company’s understanding and knowledge of their beverage filtration processes were key to Britvic renewing this longstanding contract.

Learn process safety lessons without repeating mistakes

Process industry accidents can result in catastrophic losses such as fatalities and multiple injuries, as well as substantial economic loss, property destruction and harm to the environment. 


Kecol have over 25 years of experience in handling all types of viscous products in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics markets, as well as general industrial applications.

Battery Test Chambers

The UK is at the forefront of the development & testing of the latest battery chemistries and technologies, choosing the right test chambers is paramount.

Unitemp supplies the Espec range of test chambers for battery cell evaluation and abuse testing, including NIMH, lead acid and lithium ion batteries from small battery cells & modules to large battery packs.  

ILM-4 conductivity sensor

Excellent for differentiating between wash and rinse cycles

The ILM-4 from Anderson-Negele is ideally suited for phase separation in CIP (clean in place) plants.  With its modular design giving maximum flexibility, components can be replaced on site therefore saving on costs and downtime.

Pentland Precision

Pentland Precision Ltd has been in existence since 2003 and are based in Pentland Industrial Estate, Loanhead in a 27,000 sq. ft. facility on the outskirts of Edinburgh adjacent to the Edinburgh Bypass. We hold currently accreditations to ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2004 but are working towards NADCAP and possibly AS9100 in the future.

Virtually eliminate false rejects from your production line

Challenging food products such as those with high salt or moisture content, variable temperature, or packed in metalized film can result in ‘good’ product being falsely rejected when inspected for metal contamination; this often results in lost time and wasted money. The false rejects are due to a phenomenon called ‘product effect’, where these product characteristics create an electrical signal that can cause unwanted false readings when using a metal detector on a production line.

NSK solutions for the food and beverage industry

The food and beverage sector has been a long-held area of focus for NSK, which is one the world´s largest manufacturers of rolling bearings. Specific to this industry, NSK rolling bearings feature highly relevant design attributes such as rustproof materials, sealed construction and lifelong lubricants that are compatible with foodstuffs. NSK´s updated catalogue is available to download now

Stainless Steel Filter Delivers Dry Culinary Grade Steam

Amazon Filters SupaMesh stainless steel filter cartridges are the perfect tool for ensuring only culinary-grade steam is used in your food and beverage production process.

DIN11864 and DIN 11853 Aseptic Unions for Orbital Welding

DIN11864 and 11853 unions were developed to meet the exacting needs of the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  This range of unions has been developed from the three most common systems used in the hygienic and sanitary industries; namely the “Aseptic” screwed union to DIN11864-1; the “Aseptic” flange union to DIN11864-2 and the “Aseptic” clamp union to DIN11864-3.