Are your safety signs ISO 7010-compliant?

Our  ISO 7010 Safety Signs Guide Book offers a checklist to compare safety signs in your facilities with ISO 7010 compliant signs. It also offers a number of options and tools to apply and even create safety signs on-site. Download the free ISO 7010 Safety Signs Guide Book now!

PIPE-FLO® Pours Profits into Brewery

By understanding and modeling their cooling system with PIPE-FLO® Professional, Stroh Brewery was able to save $19,000 annually with just a $1,500 investment.

AC-DC Battery Backed Power System 1U 19″ Rack Mounting up to 300 Watts

The PFD Series is a no break system to provide constant DC power without interruption in the event of an AC mains failure. Available in 150W and 300W versions and nominal DC outputs of 12V, 24V or 48V

Master Lock offers dedicated solutions for the food processing industry

The Food Processing industry is not only charged with manufacturing safe food products, but also providing employees with safe working conditions. This dual mandate makes the selection of Lockout Tagout products critically important. Frequent chemical wash downs on equipment and machinery are common in Food Processing and necessitate corrosion resistance. Lockout product performance is critical in order to maintain worker safety in varying environmental conditions; from temperature extremes to harsh chemical exposure.

The UK’s longest-standing steam expert

There’s only one steam boiler company that can boast over 120 years of operation, class-leading energy-saving solutions, and UK-manufactured steam boilers – CFB Boilers.

Frozen DC deploys ‘single envelope’ approach

ISD Solutions has won an A$12m order from Dutch cold chain logistics specialist NewCold, to build a freezer storage and distribution facility near Melbourne, Australia, which will be largest automated high-bay freezer warehouse in the Southern hemisphere.

The Perfect Fit: ATD has the solution to all your Marking, Coding, and Labelling needs

A TD has been developing, manufacturing and supplying industrial coding, Marking and labelling systems for over 25 years. With a broad range of technologies in our product range, ATD can offer optimum solution for your marking requirements.

Complete Cabling Solutions for Manufacturing

  • A high performance cabling infrastructure will improve process efficiency, increase productivity and reduce running costs. At iDaC Solutions we specialise in high quality screened cabling products and accessories for industrial environments

Micronics portable flow-meter used to calibrate an in-line flow-meter

A PF D550 Portable Flowmeter helped Caltech of Birmingham calibrate a customer’s flowmeter which had already been installed in an effluent plant in Worcestershire. Kerry Foods wanted a comparison check to ensure that the readings obtained were corroborated. Steve Robinson, Caltech’s Instrumentation Engineer had heard about Micronics flowmeters and had borrowed one. The unit exactly met his requirements so the company purchased one in January 2016.

Surplus Christmas food waste? Think willen Biogas.

If your business has excess Christmas food waste and your waste contractor is unable to help, call willen Biogas on 01707 872930.

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