More than just service

SureService is a leading supplier of industrial weighing and labelling equipment to the Food Processing, Packaging, Pharma/Medical, Chemical and Health & Personal Care sectors in the UK.

Incorporated in 2012, SureService was formed to service and maintain the existing Herbert and PALS industrial weighing and labelling equipment in the field but has grown into a leading supplier of new equipment in numerous industries.

A New Era for Faster s.r.l. Air Safety Products in the UK.

In November 2018, Biopharma Group became the exclusive distributor of Italian brand, Faster S.r.l.’s clean air and laboratory range of products within mainland UK.

Biopharma Group has established the perfect combination of network, industry knowledge and loyal installation base on which to offer continued service and expertise.

Biopharma Group Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

Biopharma Group is pleased to announce its 30th anniversary as a renowned organisation offering its expertise in the fields of freeze drying and processing technologies.

Dec Group offers customized food manufacturing solutions

Powder handling plays a major role in a number of applications in the food processing industry. Many of the challenges faced are similar to other industries such as pharma, where the end product is ingested. From charging powder into vessels for sauce production or blending various powders for producing instant beverages, powders in various shapes and characteristics must be handled under strict controlled conditions without altering their properties.

Piping and Equipment Analysis for Food and Drug Processing Operations

Food and Drug processing operations are becoming more sophisticated making it more challenging to include the appropriate engineering of necessary piping systems and equipment with a wide array of different technological, mechanical, and safety requirements to comply with. PSRE (Piping System Research & Engineering Co.) offers a complete solution for engineering of Piping Systems and related equipment including engineering consulting and the PASS Software Suite. 

A smart production flow requires minimal interaction from the operators

One of the most important objectives in a food production environment, aside from food safety, is to achieve high operator safety. Through decreasing or even eliminating safety hazards during the design phase, the need for operator protection can be significantly reduced, making for a better and easier working environment. This, combined with a smart and reliable production flow, requires minimal interaction from the operators. Instead of, for example, having to start and stop the production due to lack of reliability, which can create unforeseen events like handling products that are stuck, their main task is allowed to be more supervisory. This will minimize the risk of injuries for the operators and at the same time maintain high production effectiveness.


CFL has more than 35 years engineering experience manufacturing world class filtration products and equipment. We are a dynamic engineering company offering filtration and separation solutions for a wide range of applications. We pride ourselves on the principles of developing and delivering innovative manufacturing techniques and exceptional products, together with a friendly, professional and responsive service to our clients.

Nozzle protection for crate washers

Hygiene plays a major role in the food and beverage sector. Breweries, mineral springs, soft drink manufacturers or dairies, that work with deposit systems, use crate washers to clean plastic crates. The BOLLFILTER Automatic self-cleaning Type 6.18 BWM protects the nozzle system from blocking, improving both machine reliability and cleaning quality of the crates. Click read more to find out how and which key Food & Drink suppliers have benefited using BOLLFILTER.

Protect food safety & increase workplace safety

Food & beverage industries account for almost 24% of all manufacturing injuries according to EU OSHA. While workplace safety and compliance is a high priority in the industry, food safety always comes first. Now they can go hand in hand, thanks to a wide range of industrial safety identification solutions with low contamination risk from Brady.

Efficient Removal of Wine Spoilage Microorganisms

Amazon Filters offers a range of high performance SupaPore VPW sterile filters designed to efficiently remove all spoilage microorganisms from wine.