Stalatube to launch Stalafit PRO design application for designers of stainless steel structures

Stalatube will launch Stalafit PRO, an advanced version of the Stalafit mobile application that was launched last year. This application will be similar to the previous one with regard to its visual identity and usability, but its functionalities will be doubled. Stalafit PRO is used to design beam and column structures that consist of Stalatube’s RHS and I-beams. 

New Leister LHS ‘Plug & Go’ Heat Solutions

LEISTER, the Swiss design & manufacturer of hot air systems prides itself on the continued development of innovative solutions for hot air applications.

Davall DSG now supply FOOD BLUE gears

Davall DSG is a leading UK manufacturer of gears. In recent years we have teamed up with Italian technical moulding specialist Stagnoli srl.

Carcoon Storage Systems Int Ltd

Carcoon, established over 25years ago to exploit the original patent registered by George Page. This early patent introduced the world to a whole new way of protecting infrequently used vehicles

Lanes receives RoSPA Gold Medal Award

Drainage specialist Lanes Group plc has received the company’s RoSPA Gold Medal certificate for 2018.

The presentation was made by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Awards to mark Lanes’ achievement of the RoSPA Gold Award for the ninth consecutive year.

The Perfect Ingredient for Sizzling Workforce Managment

Crown Workforce Management is providing just the right ingredient to help the UK’s leading oriental grocer turn up the heat on its business processes with the introduction of its time and attendance and rostering software.

Wing Yip, which was founded in 1970 in Birmingham, supplies authentic ingredients to the UK’s Chinese and Asian restaurants, discerning chefs and food enthusiasts through its stores and wholesaling operation.

Translyft stainless steel range Take food safety to next level

Improve cleaning and food safety in your production line with stainless-steel lifting tables from Translyft. There is no safe alternative for hygienic design in the food industry.


It has been known since ancient time that silver has antibacterial properties, for example to heal wounds and purify water. This new SILVER TREATMENT created for aluminium alloy motors, gives the motors these antibacterial properties and as such offers a valid alternative to stainless steel motors or indeed other expensive treatments. Making these motors perfect the food and pharmaceutical industries where a clean and aseptic environment is needed.

Reducing water and waste water costs “It’s simple when you have the knowledge”

Small but mighty clever – New Cat® 1.4-2.0 tonne 48V electrics

The new range of Cat 1.4 to 2.0 tonne 48V electric counterbalance trucks are a perfect choice if you require a truck that delivers agile performance in tight spaces. Compact, highly manoeuvrable, and packed with intelligent control systems, their behaviour automatically adapts to your drivers’ wishes and needs.